React Open Source Awards

Celebrating community success and highlighting most impactful
Open Source projects of recent year.


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React Amsterdam Conference

The biggest React conference worldwide will host third annual edition of React Open Source awards, gathering community leaders and top contributors from around the world.
April 17, 2020


2019 Nominees and winners

Breakthrough of the year

Project contributing the most to the React ecosystem, adding new dimensions to it and possibilities for further development. New concepts/ideas with big future potential and good first realization in 2018.

The most exciting use of technology

Unique, non-standard practical React usage, that you'd never think of. Mix with non traditional software and technologies, that makes React shine boosting development/maintenance qualifiers.

Fun side project of the year

Fun projects that would make you go "wow", without specific purpose or logic, but interesting and entertaining.

Most impactful contribution to the community

Most notable impact to the community development and growth.

Productivity booster

Project/tool that affected the development productivity like no other before, making a big difference and deserves to be massively adopted.

2018 winners and nominees