React Open Source Awards

We celebrate community success and highlight the most impactful
Open Source projects of the recent year.


OS Awards project requirements:

  • The project must not have won previously.
  • The project must use OSI-approved licenses.
  • The project must be free software or have its main functionality open.
  • Projects can be nominated again if significant updates have been made or if they have undergone complete changes.

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React Summit

The biggest React conference in the world will host its fourth annual edition of the React Open Source Awards and will gather community leaders and top contributors from around the world.
June 14, 2024


2023 nominees

Breakthrough of the Year

A project that contributes to the React ecosystem and adds new dimensions and possibilities for further development. New concepts and ideas with excellent first realization and huge future potential.

  • Next.js (App Router)

    New routing, data fetching, and caching tools built on React Server Components and Suspense, designed for incremental adoption.

  • Qwik

    Instant-loading web apps, without effort.

  • Fresh

    The next-gen web framework. Built for speed, reliability, and simplicity.

  • Router

    Type-safe router w/ built-in caching & URL state management for JS/TS, React, Preact, Solid, Vue, Svelte and Angular.

The Most Exciting Use of Technology

Unique and unconventional use of React: a mix of original software and technologies that make the language shine and boost the development.

Fun Side Project of the Year

Fun, interesting, and entertaining projects without any particular purpose but with a cool idea and fantastic implementation.

The Most Impactful Contribution to the community

Projects that contribute the most to the development and growth of the community.

Productivity Booster

The best projects that improve the efficiency of the development work and hence should be massively adopted.