Winners for
  • Breakthrough of the year

    A project that contributes to the React ecosystem and adds new dimensions and possibilities for further development. New concepts and ideas with excellent first realization and huge future potential.

    React Three Fiber

    A react reconciler for threejs (web and react-native)

  • The Most Exciting Use of Technology

    Unique and unconventional use of React: a mix of original software and technologies that make the language shine and boost the development.

    React Adaptive Hooks

    Deliver experiences best suited to a user's device and network constraints

  • Fun Side Project of the Year

    Fun, interesting, and entertaining projects without any particular purpose but with a cool idea and fantastic implementation.


    Blink and lose.

  • The Most Impactful Contribution to the community

    Projects that contribute the most to the development and growth of the community.

    Chakra UI

    Simple, Modular & Accessible UI Components for your React Applications

  • Productivity Booster

    Project/tool that affected the development productivity like no other before, making a big difference and deserves to be massively adopted.

    React Hook Form

    React hooks for forms validation without the hassle.