Winners for
  • Breakthrough of the year

    A project that contributes to the React ecosystem and adds new dimensions and possibilities for further development. New concepts and ideas with excellent first realization and huge future potential.


    Remix is a web framework that remixes the simple mental model of the 90s web with the platform capabilities of the modern age enabling UX and DX that is second to none.

  • The Most Exciting Use of Technology

    Unique and unconventional use of React: a mix of original software and technologies that make the language shine and boost the development.


    Write videos in React.

  • Fun Side Project of the Year

    Fun, interesting, and entertaining projects without any particular purpose but with a cool idea and fantastic implementation.


    A synthwave infinite runner game built with react-three-fiber.

  • The Most Impactful Contribution to the community

    Projects that contribute the most to the development and growth of the community.


    A meetup for every ReactJS enthusiast where women take centre stage.

  • Productivity Booster

    Project/tool that affected the development productivity like no other before, making a big difference and deserves to be massively adopted.

    React Use

    Collection of essential React Hooks.